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By Design a Smile
July 09, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Sometimes, Nature neglects creating a well-aligned smile. Crookedness, gaps, bite problems, and more can challenge personal appearance, self-image, and health. At Design a Smile in Miami, Drs. Romay, Barrera, and Sosa understand the complexities of orthodontics and its health benefits, too.

What's your problem?

Orthodontic issues are no joke. If your teeth are crooked, gapped, crowding, or missing, you won't look or function at your best. The American Association of Orthodontists strongly recommends smile alignment evaluation with your dentist by the age of seven. If you miss that window of jaw growth and fluidity, don't worry. Teens and adults--really, people of all ages--can wear braces from your Miami dentist.

Once you're evaluated, your dentist will craft a treatment plan to move your teeth into healthier, better functioning, and more attractive positions. Appliances available at Design a Smile include:

  • Palatal expanders which make more room in the jaw for larger teeth
  • Conventional metal, lingual and ceramic braces
  • Removable and discreet Invisalign aligners for mild to moderate alignment problems
  • Clear MTM aligners for minor dental corrections

The health benefits of orthodontic treatment

The Academy of General Dentistry says that most patients wear braces for one to two years depending on the details of their individual cases. Plus, dentists usually recommend a removable or bonded retainer afterwards to keep smiles in perfect alignment for the long term.

Even during treatment, the health benefits of wearing braces start becoming evident. They include:

  • Better oral hygiene habits (brushing, flossing, and a healthier diet)
  • Resolution of crowding
  • Ease of cleaning resulting in fewer cavities and less gum disease
  • Fewer headaches, earaches and facial pain
  • Proper jaw alignment
  • Less teeth clenching, grinding, and premature enamel wear
  • Preservation of jaw bone integrity
  • Resolution of speech, breathing, and digestive difficulties

A wonderful smile in every way

Orthodontics provides a sure path to a smile that looks, feels, and functions well, helping it to last for a lifetime. Are braces or aligners in your future, or are you considering them for a loved one? Call one of the Miami, FL, offices of Design a Smile for a complimentary consultation. For the 40th Street office, phone (305) 667-8887. For the 88th Street office, call (305) 408-3388. Our dentists would love to talk to you!