Many folks fear going to the dentist because of past experiences with dental professionals who were not trained in the art of patient comfort and care. However, this can lead to a multitude of problems. That is why we are proud to provide excellent service to all of our patients. You can rest assured that every member of our staff is well-trained and ready to help restore your smile.

Among the cosmetic services we offer are dental implants. These are an excellent choice for replacing your missing teeth. While you might be able to get a partial denture to fill in the gap, those are problematic in multiple ways. Not only are they challenging to clean regularly, they don’t provide the same value as an implant. They can slip around in your mouth when you are eating and conversing, which can be embarrassing and make regular interactions uncomfortable.

The process of getting dental implants begins with a complete examination. Our dental team will check out your x-rays, history and concerns. Then, we will discuss the various treatment options with you and formulate a plan. If you are concerned about the financial aspect of getting your implants, we can help connect you with healthcare credit companies who extend loans to folks like you.

Once we have the plan in place, you will need to visit our clinic a few more times before the process is complete. In order to understand what is happening at each appointment you need know how dental implants work and why they are superior to most other options.

Dental implants look and operate just like your regular tooth did. The base of the implant is surgically placed beneath the gum line and will remain permanently in place. It will secure the upper portion in place and stimulate the jawbone beneath the gap left by your lost tooth. This stimulation is essential to the health of your jawbone.

Once the area is healed sufficiently, a new artificial tooth is affixed to the structure. The tooth will be created to match the teeth on either side. You can brush it along with your regular teeth and use floss on either side as part of your oral health routine.

If you have one or more visible gaps in your smile it can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life. Dating, job interviews and similar interactions are influenced by how you look. It is a simple fact of life that appearances matter in today’s world. However, you don’t have to let those gaps remain and ruin your life.

Take the bull by the horns and give us a call today. Our staff will help guide you through the process, ensuring that you understand everything that is happening along the way. No matter what the reason that your tooth or teeth need replacement, we are here to help. You deserve to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Now is the time!