MTM, an alternative to clear braces

Is there something about your smile that you’re looking to correct? Perhaps you are suffering from front teeth spacing, crowding, midline discrepancy, tipping, or even teeth rotation. Whatever your problem may be the Miami cosmetic dentistry specialist at Design A Smile have a solution for you!

Until very recently, braces and orthodontics cosmetic dentistry in general, was out of reach for many, since the average treatment ranges between $2500-$5000. Dr. Richard Romay at Design A Smile would like to introduce you to MTM Clear Braces, an alternative to clear braces costing up to 50% less than traditional solutions.

Design A Smile is now offering MTM Clear Aligner! Developed by DENTSPLY International, a global leader in dental and orthodontic products, MTM Clear Aligners are a highly aesthetic, cost-effective way to align your smiles without the complication and long process of traditional braces. This new innovative approach to bracket free braces can achieve exceptional, life changing results at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional braces, including bracket treatments, clear braces and invisible braces.

MTM Clear Braces are not for everyone! These appliances are designed for medium to small corrections. For patients requiring advanced treatment we also offer Invisalign! The brand synonymous with clear braces and a clear alternatives to metal appliances. So, if you are ready to do something about your smile, we invite you to visit us at Design A Smile for a free consultation and to evaluate which product is best for you. Aside from the initial savings that MTM Clear Braces offers at Design A Smile we also have a wide range of financing and payment options to offer you. We want to be your Miami cosmetic dentist of choice and looking forward to working with you to help you achieve the smile you always wanted.